Our Mission is to shine more light on mental health illnesses through education and more candid and unashamed conversations so individuals can heal and be honest about their pain, trauma, anger, and short comings instead of pretending that these issues do not exist.

Our Vision Statement is to break the stigmas and remove the shame of mental health illnesses and related issues.

Our Purpose. We are taking a stand against mental health stigmas, addressing the needs of people living with mental illness, and connecting the dots between mental health and physical well-being.

Our Core Values which include:

  • Collaboration which recognizes the power of partnerships to serve and enhance the community

  • Advocacy for mental health awareness and mental health well-being;

  • Resourcefulness and  those who desire healing;

  • Empowerment to come out of darkness and shine the light on mental health concerns

We Serve communities through partnerships with local churches, clinics, practitioners, hospitals, other communities, and businesses affirm our strong affinity and dedication to our “Shining the Light on Mental Health Movement”.